Life decisions: We made the “out on a limb” decision and have never looked back.

A post about how we went about packing up our lives and committing to the travel lifestyle.

A lot of people’s reactions, upon hearing that our plan for 2016 was to travel for a year minimum, was initially shock.

“One year? As in 12 months?”

Well that’s how long I thought a year went for, so yeah.

At first I flinched when discussing this with people. It’s like I could read their minds and tell what they were thinking. “12 months, yeah right, they’ll be home in 3! As if they’re selling everything they own! That is so stupid. They’re going to regret this! Why waste your money on travel?! They should be settling down and buying a house with that money!” Oh man, I could go on.

Yes, this decision was a huge one. I don’t down play that. We both wanted to travel the world. We had worked hard for a year and saved up to our goal amount. The choice was a pretty easy one in the end actually. I don’t really understand the whole mindset of having to “settle down” and buy a house when you get to a certain age. Is it like the Australian dream? I don’t know. Our dream was to see the world first.

As we became closer to the end of 2015 it grew easier to tell people of our plans. It felt like it was all I wanted to talk about and probably made a few people sick of hearing about it to be quite honest! All of the emotions that had been and gone upon making this decision; anxiety, fear, stress, hope, all that was left was pure excitement!

moving in!
Us with our housemates for the first year of out of home living; Amanda and Brett! All about to move in.

Now I’ll give you a rundown of how we went about this. First off, to paint you a picture, we were living in a rental property for almost 3 years together. We both had a car each. Sam had his work tools and I had a study full of teaching materials. We had all the white goods, lounge setting, TV, everything! The amount of crap 2 people acquire within 3 years is ridiculously CRAZY. Thus we started the emptying of our house, all while still working. That was definitely one of the most stressful parts.

With about 3ish months to go we started putting some items up on Gumtree Australia (in case you don’t know it’s like EBay, I guess, but it’s all locals trying to sell, swap and buy stuff). We had to decide what to sell, what to store (at my parents place, thanks mum and dad!) and what to give away. A lot of clothes and kitchenware we gave to charity. Huge brownie points with karma gained here hopefully! We sold anything we could at a good price, good for the buyer but still good for us considering we had this trip to fund! Everything we sold put it this way, if we weren’t going on this huge trip we would’ve kept it all. Everything was in really good condition. A lot of people got some really good bargains. Our garage was packed with everything we wanted to sell so we had a couple of garage sales too.

With maybe 1 month to go we advertised our cars. This was the super tricky part because we still had our jobs to commute to. We advertised our cars, also on Gumtree, and any interest we got we had

Annabelle, my cheeky car.

to explain that we couldn’t actually hand over the cars until the end of December. December is the start of summer in Australia and Adelaide, our home, was going through some pretty disgusting heatwaves. Just think 40 degrees Celsius (equivalent to 104 degrees Fahrenheit) or higher every day. So it was only natural that my car, (her name is Annabelle by the way) Annabelle’s air-conditioning decided to quit on me. Like she knew I was planning on selling her! Sam sold his ute pretty quickly and I only had to get up unbearably early a couple of times to take him to work in the morning only having one car left. Then no one wanted to buy Annabelle. Luckily my mum and dad had driveway space and took her for us. Then, like it was meant to be, our good friends Waina and Fred’s car broke down and they needed a car! Everything worked out for everybody! All the pieces fell into place perfectly. It was like a sign everything we had done up to this point was the right decision for us.

Our empty kitchen/living area post pack up. Bye house!

When it comes to packing up your entire life you have to be sure that this is the right decision for you. Most people form emotional connections to houses, cars (yes I know I named my car shh), and possessions. You need to break these ties, if you have them, or be realistic about it. These are just things that can easily be replaced. Many people told us we should’ve put all of our stuff into storage but Sam and I decided that we didn’t want any ties so we could have the freedom to start again if when the time comes anywhere we decide to. Our long term dream would be to make a career out of travel and we are serious about this. Though we’ve budgeted for a year it’s becoming more and more likely that we will be traveling for longer. The addiction is real!

Now all we live out of are our 45L carry-on size Tortuga backpacks!

If you have any questions for us please don’t hesitate to email us at or look us up on Facebook at we would love to chat to you!

Sam and Kirsten x


2 thoughts on “Life decisions: We made the “out on a limb” decision and have never looked back.

  1. Hey guys.. When we started downsizing to travel in our Campervan, we found the less stuff we had, the more free we felt in our minds ! It was like all the things we owned, took up space on our brains internal storage device, and once they were gone there was such a sense of freedom 😀 We’ve replaced our fancy clothes and gadgets with memories, which we much prefer 👍🏻
    So glad you guys chose to do this at such a young age as a lot of people dream of doing this but never manage to pull it off… Well done

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Completely agree with those sentiments! It was very freeing to only own what we carried on our backs. Now we have the van we’ve had to get more things due to cooking and having our own bed again etc. but it’s still nothing compared to all of the unnecessary things we owned at home. Loving the van life anyway! No regrets just following our dreams! Haha cheers for reading. And thank you 🙂


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