Dragon Trip Entry 8: Fujian and Macau 

 We arrive in Fujian all rugged up in our winter warmers from Shanghai to step out into the thick and humid air! I quickly stripped my jacket and scarf so I could enjoy the warm air. We meet our next adventure leader; Nicole, who greets us at the train stop and we are off to have some dinner. We finally arrive at our first nights accommodation in an ancient Tulou also known as a  roundhouse. The roundhouse we are privileged to stay in for the night has belonged to the family for many generations.

After a much needed sleep after a long day of travel yesterday we are up and off to our next accommodation: Mr. Liu’s. He picks us up in his mini van and drives us a few kilometers down the road so we can get settled in and have breakfast. Scrambled eggs and steamed buns! A change from your usual Chinese breakfast. After we eat we head off to explore the surrounding area and visit a vastly larger roundhouse. Amazing that over 200 people can all live on this one little communal house! That’s room for one giant family!! While here we got to try some traditional Chinese teas such as green tea, flower tea and nut tea. My favourite was the green tea and the special oolong brew. We made a friend who followed us back to Mr. Lius house!

In the afternoon we visited the Tulou village. There was a perfect viewpoint that is famous in Fujian. We then got to explore the village. We roamed up and down the stairs and paths around the village to our hearts content. Later we hiked in the hills around the gorgeous tea fields that is the other half of Fujians fame. It was a peaceful change from Shanghai!

The next day and our final day in Fujian we borrowed some bikes from Mr. Liu and rode around the Fujian township. We followed along the river which made for a very laid back and picturesque ride.

 The weather was perfect for the ride and with a lot of downhill drags it was great fun!! We visited the worlds largest Tulou, it was very impressive. I love the idea of the communities that must have such a great bond to share their space and resources like this. I honestly don’t think I could ever do it myself, so I admire them.

Our time in Fujian had come to an end and so it was time for our final night train to Macau! After a 10 hour journey we arrived to begin our most fast paced day of the tour yet. We re-met with Servet; who we had previously met from day one in Hong Kong and Allysa, our next leaders. First we took the coach bus to the main casino district. Now I must tell you that in Macau seven times the amount of money goes through here daily in comparison to Las Vegas! Make it rain?! We dropped our bags into Galaxy the most impressive casino/hotel I have ever been inside of. I mean check out the main fountain!!

After freshening up (I was still in my PJs from the train!) we set out to explore everything Macau has to offer. First stop Macau tower for the worlds tallest bungee standing at a whopping 233ms high! Gemma, Lily, Noreena and our very own Sam were the bravest of the Dragons to conquer this feat. Check out Sam’s video on our Facebook page! Here is the survival picture of the gang.

Next we visited the old town district which had distinct Portuguese architecture. We visited the ruins of St Pauls cathedral and witnessed a beautifully dressed couple having their engagement shoot. Aw! We wondered around and taste tested some almond biscuits, delicious.

 After this we took the free shuttle bus to the Venetian, another beautifully extravagant casino. We wondered through the shopping center inside and marveled at the layout with its very own river running through the middle complete with gondolas rides!

Finally the day had come to a close and we were all absolutely knackered! We made our way across the border back into Hong Kong and said our bitter sweet goodbyes! Thank you so much to Dragon Trip for making our China tour so amazing and bringing our little dragon family together! Dragon trip reunion Vegas/Australia!!!


Next stop Japan! We are staying in Tokyo for a week. Yay!

Sam and Kirsten X


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