Travel is…

This is a poetic rendition of what we have discovered travel to encapsulate while on our journey of 4 months so far. I find poems to not only scripturally display the writers emotions and deeper meanings but to also give personal meaning to the reader. Take it as you will. I hope you enjoy!

Travel is possibility,

Travel is that feeling of exhaustion while fighting sleep on the bus home after a long day of exploring a new city,

Travel is sating curiousity,

Travel is watching the people and realizing we are all so different and yet the same leading our own lives,

Travel is daring,

Travel is trying your hardest to navigate a place unknown to you,

Travel is challenging,

Travel is speaking to someone who does not speak the same language as you but smiles and laughs and tries to help you anyway,

Travel is a universal gift,

Travel can be attempted by anyone who is willing to try,

Travel is new,

Travel is always something different when you wake up the next day,

Travel is courageous,

Travel is taking a leap of faith onto the rock between you and your next step forward,

Travel is worth it,

Travel is money spent on memories instead of materialistic possessions,

Travel is living.



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