Singapore: The jungle of skyscrapers and greenery in perfect harmony

It’s no wonder that Singapore is known as The Garden City! The amount of beautiful green trees that line the streets and cascade down over the many balconies of the buildings is spellbinding. This was one of the first things I noticed on our way through in the taxi. Our taxi driver was lovely telling us that “Singapore is the safest city on the world!”. Feeling on a huge high from only just beginning our travels we arrived at Sam’s aunt and uncles house ready to explore this wonderful new city!

We were extremely fortunate to be welcomed to Singapore by Sam’s family; his uncle Ian, aunty Amanda and cousin Georgia. Ian and Amanda are Aussie expats who have done well for themselves working abroad in not just Singapore but Japan as well! They are very inspirational to us. We can’t thank you guys enough if you are reading this!

Singapore is such a prosperous city of opportunity for experiences and if you’re traveling Asia we highly recommend you visit! Thanks to it’s central location, Singapore has the busiest trading port in the world. We have seen it for ourselves! So many boats and shipping containers full of goods to be transported all over the world! There is so much to do in Singapore! Here are a few of the activities we partook in and sights we saw while on our 2 visits to Singapore.

GOPR0014 (1).JPG

Small bump in the road story…

On our first visit we got to celebrate New Years Day! We went to Clarke Quay for dinner and drinks but before it was time for the countdown we realized something terrible had happened…our wallet had been stolen. Now I don’t blame anyone else but ourselves for this silly mistake. We became very naive after hearing how safe Singapore was. This was New Year’s Eve! We were walking single file through a packed crowd with our wallet in the back pocket of our bag. Rookie traveler mistake! It’s such an unlucky thing to happen because our taxi driver on the way home and even the police thought we were silly and dropped it or something else had happened. They couldn’t believe it had been stolen! Singapore is so so safe, really it is. We know for sure it was stolen though due to the zip on the back pocket of our bag being left wide open.

What we did in Singapore

Unfortunate as it is we made up for this by visiting Marina Bay Sands and up to the 55th story for the Cheese and Chocolate bar to celebrate the New Year. With an amazing view and unlimited cheese and chocolate desserts we thought it was well worth the expense! For 48 Singapore $ we spent a good 2 hours here enjoying the spectacular view of the Gardens by the Bay and gorging ourselves on the food. Sam loved the cheese and my favourite was the massive dessert bar with everything a sweet tooth could ever want!

Cheese: Sam’s fave!
Dessert: My fave! This is only one of my many plates.
The gorgeous view of the Garden’s by the Bay from the 55th floor of the Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay was off course on our list of things to do. We went for a stroll around the Bay as they were setting up for the New Year’s Eve festivities. We walked but you can hire skates, a bike or even a segway if you want to change it up a bit! We saw the sights of the skyscraper jungle surrounding, the waterfront hotels and restaurants and amazing architecture such as the ArtScience museum, Helix bridge and, of course, Marina Bay Sands.

Aerial night view of the Marina Bay landscape!

Hidden away behind the Marina Bay Sands hotel is the Gardens by the Bay. With free entry to explore it is a popular place for tourists to go and see. We went to the gardens just before the sun went down. It was great to see the gardens in the daytime and the contrast that night brings. Once the sun has set the garden comes to life! The amazing sky-trees are lit up like something out of the Avatar movie. Everything in this park is beautiful and so well looked after. It is one of the many prides of Singapore. We could’ve spent ages here but the Cheese and Chocolate Bar was calling our names!

The Gardens by the Bay sky-trees!

We splashed out again while in Singapore and spent a day at Universal Studios! The park has sections dedicated to movies such as Shrek, Madagascar, The Mummy and TV series Battlestar Galactica. It was a weekday and pouring with torrential rain but despite this it was still so busy. We decided to get the express pass after seeing the hour long line up for the first ride we saw. This was a good decision. If you are to go and visit the park we recommend getting the express pass early in the morning, before everyone else does! We had so much fun despite the rain and the crowds. Our ponchos we bought here are still with us to this day! (They definitely need an update).

Selfie in “The Mummy” Egyptian themed section of the park.

On our second visit back to Singapore we visited the raved about Night Safari. This is the world’s first nocturnal zoo and it was a great experience! We took the shuttle bus around the park and stopped at a few of the shuttle stops to further explore the enclosures. We saw lions, girraffe, zebras, tigers, otters (my fave!), the most majestic elephants and a whole lot more! If you are traveling with your family we highly recommend this as apart of your Singapore to-do list. There are also nightly live-shows such as the fire show and the nocturnal animals show.

The entrance to the Night Safari at dusk.

There was honestly so much to in Singapore! Above is only a few of the main attractions we visited during our stay here. Some other things worth mentioning are; Little India (amazing food), Chinatown, Sentosa Island and Singapore Botanic Gardens. The shopping here is also a major thing you need to check out. Visit any of the main shopping centres/areas such as Orchard Road, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Vivo City, Raffles City and Paragon to name just a few!

Overall it is so easy to get around Singapore. Just purchase an EZ link card that you can top up to travel the city using the buses or the amazingly well set out SMRT: Singapore Mass Rapid Transport. The ease of use for a tourist of the public transport system here is next to none! Be sure to use it!

We absolutely loved Singapore and while it was one of the more expensive places we visited in Asia we know we definitely will be back for another visit one day!

Sam and Kirsten x


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