Sydney, Australia NYE: Your guide to one of the most popular destinations in the world to bring in the New Year.

As a little girl I watched the amazing Sydney Harbour fireworks display on TV with my mum and I remember exactly what I said. “Mum, I’m going to see that for real one day!” It was bringing in the year 2014 that I finally lived out this dream. I’m going to tell you exactly how I did it and how this was one of the best experiences of my life. It is a must see in your lifetime whether you are from Australia or not.
As this was going to be a big occasion we decided to go all out. We booked a ticket on board The Commissioner II for our NYE celebrations night. Yes, the Sydney display is one of the most watched in the world for the New Year which is why the coastline of the harbour packs out! It is so over-crowded and people get there to camp out to save the spot their perfect spot to view the fireworks the night before! Our tickets cost around $600 AUD each and this was inclusive of a 5 hour drinks package and a finger food menu served until the fireworks display.

sydney comissioner 2.jpg
The Commissioner II

I can’t express how amazing this experience was. We had the most perfect view of the fireworks show at 9pm and the BIG one at 12am. We were also a part of the famous Harbour of Light show in which all the boats in the harbour are decorated with beautiful lights and parade around for the people on the coast to see. It was such a fun night and one I will never forget. We booked through Flagship Cruises and found it very easy. The ladies were extremely helpful and answered any of our questions through email promptly.

Boxing Day Sales

sydney bonxing day
Crazy hectic times at the sales!

During out stay in Sydney we stayed at The Oaks on Castlereagh street. This was a fabulous apartment equip with kitchen and laundry. We had a wonderful stay with a great balcony view!

sydney view.jpg
Our city view from our apartment.

The location was perfect for all our shopping needs. We arrived in Sydney on Boxing Day, 26th of December; the biggest annual shopping sales day in Australia (New Zealand, U.K and Canada also). We shopped all day long in the CBD and I bought my outfit for the big night! If you are to travel to Sydney for NYE you simply must get there before or on Boxing Day just for the sales. It was crazy busy but the bargains I got were insane! If you are a brand name girl, you’re in luck, Louis Vutton, Gucci, Prada; you’ll find anything your heart desires. If you are like me, a bargain lover, there is Forever New, Cotton On, Temt, Valleygirl and more to fulfil your shopping desires.

Other Sydney Activities

• Sydney Opera House

sydney opera.jpg
One of the main landmarks that makes Sydney what it is, is none other than the amazingly unique architecture of the Opera House. Marvel at this astonishing building by taking a walk along the harbour and take some great photos! Or if you take a ferry across to Luna Park or Taronga Zoo you will get some even better pictures.
• Sydney Harbour Bridge
Another amazing landmark and one that is a must see while in Sydney. Like I said above if you get a ferry you can get some fantastic photos of the bridge. Or if you are daring enough you could even do the Sydney Harbour bridge climb!
• Taronga Zoo

sydney taronga.jpg
Taronga Zoo is one of the best in the country. Here you will see gorgeous wildlife from all over the world, not just out Aussie animals! Giant giraffes, majestic elephants and stalking tigers and more! The zoo itself also has some lovely views of the harbour from up high.
• Bondi Beach

sydney bondi.jpg
One of the most famous beaches in Australia and one of the world’s best known too! Not only is it a beautiful beach with some gorgeous waves but also a great spot to eat. I recommend good ol’ Aussie tucker of fish and chips on the beach. Watch out for camera crew here filming our lifeguards in action for a reality TV show called Bondi Rescue and just up from the beach is famous veterinarian Dr. Chris’ vet surgery from the TV show Bondi Vet!
• Luna Park
A theme park alongside the harbour that’s got a huge history as its been around since 1935! You will recognise the huge smiling face entry gate from Melbourne’s Luna Park and also Steeplechase Park in the US. A sad history includes a suspicious fire that broke out on The Ghost Train ride killing 7 people and forcing the park to be closed for a few years.
• Darling Harbour
What an amazing place to stop for dinner and some cocktails! Darling Harbour will entice you for an afternoon walk but trust me you’ll be here until the evening exploring. Street performers galore to keep you entertained once your belly is full of great food and drinks. If you get bored of street performers there is always the IMAX theatre which has the largest cinema screen in the world! If you are holidaying with your young children they will LOVE the SEA LIFE Aquarium.

sydney IMAX.jpg

I hope you use this guide to make your choice to celebrate NYE in Sydney one day. It is a time you will not ever forget! Even if you don’t make it there for New Years it is still one of the best cities I’ve ever traveled to.




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