VanLifeDiaries: Isle of Skye

We are officially off of the NC500 route now and into Kyle of Lochalsh to pack the fridge/eski and pantry full and have a shower! We stopped at the local Leisure centre but unfortunately this was a tiny centre with no private showers. Bikini shower it was! We went for a swim in the heated pool for a bit too. Had to get our £3.90s worth!! Ehhh.

On our way down to Kyle of Lochalsh we could see Skye Bridge. After stocking up we went over. This definitely would’ve been a way lovelier sight if not for the rain! We didn’t drive far, only to Broadford, just across the way and into a parking lot along the Inner Sound, next to the water. We sheltered here inside Esméralda for the night with our first lot of 3G connection for a while so…what did we do? Netflix night in. Cozy and warm away from the rain. Welcome to the Isle of Skye!

What Skye Bridge looks like on a lovely sunny day!

We woke to find the rain had finally let up! We drove from Broadford to Portree and stopped for a quick wander along the harbour with the cute painted houses. The seagulls here were itching to get inside the local fish and chip shop. I was too it smelled so bloody good.

From Portree we got as far up as Old Man of Storr. There are a couple of hiking trails here that we will be coming back for in a few days. Once you’ve only just showered you don’t want to get too sweaty doing a hike. Van Life problems, I know. We will get around to it though! We decided from here to go back down south and west toward the Fairy Pools to wild camp for the night.

This is the part where I feel sorry for Sam as the driver (I can’t drive manual!). As the passenger you get to take it in a whole lot more. Isle of Skye is renowned as a fabulous holiday destination for a reason. I can’t explain but I’ll try. The gorgeous yet dominating mountains against the backdrop of green and purple with a splash (literally) of blue waters. Amazing. Breathtaking. I love this place.

Rainy night made for a cold drizzly morning as we visited fairy pools. The water was so clear and I got some lovely photos of she Cuilin Hills!

As the day went on and we drove around the North-west of the island the dark clouds gathered and hit hard. By the time we reached Neist point it was horribly windy and wet. The rain was practically side ways. We were almost going to pull up here the night but decided that we shouldn’t risk it. It honestly felt like Esme would topple over!

We drove past Dunvegan castle (£12 entry fee, self explanatory really you get a good view of it along the road though!) and to the Coral Beaches we had sun for about 2 seconds and then it started to pour! The wind was intense! Sam was trying to fly.

We arrived a short drive later in Uig and stayed the night at the ferry port. Sadly the gloom followed into the next day and it rained heavier as we visited fairy glen. As we came up over the hill from the turn off point after the Uig Hotel it looked like something out of a fairy-tale. I only wish the weather was sunny and we got to explore it a bit more.

As we approached the North coast of the island we came across the Museum of Island Life, easily noticeable by the historical thatched cottages that are maintained to be like they stood over 100 years ago. Inside the detailed displays take you back in time to a century ago to get a feel of what life would’ve been like for the people who lived on Skye. It was definitely worth the £2.50 entry fee.

When we left the sun had started to shine! Yay! About time Skye! We couldn’t have been happier. We drove around towards the peak of the north and found a great spot by the ocean just before Duntulum castle ruins. After the days of rain and wind the sun had a magical effect as it set along the horizon of the sea. See for yourself.

The next day we cruised around the gorgeous Quariang. This is number one of things to do on TripAdvisor for a reason. If you come to Skye you have to see the North for its cascading mountainside. The land formations here are stunning and have been in the making for millions of years. Yep dinosaurs used to roam around the Isle of Skye and there are even adventure hikes where you can find out more information about which dinosaurs fossils were excavated here.

We stopped at Kilt rock to see the waterfall that runs down the sharp cliff face and into the sea. It was so busy here! The sun was out I think every tourist was coming out of hiding that day. Just like us!

On the way down we had to stop at The Storr again to finally do that hike! Take a snack with you because you’ll need the energy. The way up to the pinnacle is practically all exactly that…UP. It is completely worth it for the stunning view. It would’ve been great to have binoculars so we could’ve seen what was swimming in the Sound of Raasay!

Finally we made our way down to the very South-eastern spot of the island, Kylerhea, for some wildlife spotting. The main reason we went down here was to see my favourite animal; the otter! We found the wildlife hide parking spot and walked around 1km to the watchtower. It had displays about the animals you might see while here, especially the popular otter, a row of benches along the purpose built windows facing out to the waters edge and even sets of binoculars and a telescope. I’m a kid at heart so I had a ball here.

We came back twice and saw a few seals and a baby deer! The otter watching was not to be though. We wrote these finds on the whiteboard to let other visitors know and wrote it in the log book they keep here also!

I will find you and I will love you!

We said goodbye to the Isle of Skye. Back over Skye Bridge we went for the next part of our Scottish road-trip! Fort William and a look at Ben Nevis, UK’s biggest mountain.
Slainte mhath! (Pronounced- slan-tche vah, meaning good health or cheers!)

Sam, Kirsten and Esméralda x


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